Principles of Turbomachinery 2e


Author: Turton R. K

ISBN: 9788184896046

Copy Right Year: 1995

Pages: 288

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher: Springer

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Pumps, fans, compressors and turbines are essential components in all engineering complexes. This book explains the basic fluid mechanics and thermodynamics underlying their design in a clear and uncomplicated way, with many examples and worked exercises.
By treating the machines as either centrifugal, centripetal or axial flow devices, the author is able to make their basic principles and their similarities and differences readily comprehensible to the student. The book deals thoroughly with problems such as cavitation, refers to computer-based exercises wherever possible and provides up to date information on the rapid advanced currently being made in analysis and performance control.

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Table of Content

Fundamental Principles

Principles and practice of scaling laws


Principles of axial flow machines

Principles of radial and mixed flow machines

Centrifugal machines

Axial machines for incompressible flow

Axial turbines and compressors for compressible flow

Radial flow turbines

Special machine applications






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