Terms & Conditions

General information

1.1. Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd online store, operating under the address of https://www.yesdee.com/ is run by Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd with the seat in 2/21B, Third Cross Street, Bakkiyathammal Nagar, Padi, Chennai – 600 050.

1.2. Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd is a Private Limited Company offering products of brands / companies delivered directly by them.

Ordering process

2.1. In order to purchase the Product, the Customer shall provide his or her personal data in the Service of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd  .

2.2. Products offered for sale in campaigns of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd are brand new.

2.3. Offers presented on the website of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd are limited in time and quantity. Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd may limit the maximum number of purchases for each Product available per one Customer in order to ensure sales conditions fair for all Customers.

2.4. The execution of orders is conducted according to the sequence of obtaining confirmed orders of those Products, until stocks covered by a given form of sales are exhausted.

2.5. The Customer, placing and confirming the order, concludes with Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd a contract for the sale of ordered Products on terms and conditions specified in a given Campaign as well as these Regulations.

2.6. Within the scope of one Order, the Customer may order Products offered in various Campaigns.

2.7. After the confirmation of the order, the Customer provides details necessary to execute the delivery and to issue a proof of purchase, namely, the name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

2.8. After all necessary fields are correctly filled in; the Customer is transferred to a third stage, called the “Payment”, where the Customer defines the form of payment. The Customer may make take the following forms of payments: payment by payment card, Ease Buzz, Go Cash of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd.

2.9. After the form of payment is correctly defined, the Customer is transferred to the stage called “Summary”, where all the details of the order are presented. After the confirmation, the Customer receives a confirmation e-mail, informing the Customer that the order has been accepted by Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd. After the confirmation, the order may not be combined any longer with other orders of the Customer. The order may be only cancelled at the request of the Customer.

2.10. Since placing at shipping, Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd is obliged to inform the Customer about that fact at the provided e-mail address.

2.11. The order will be executed under the condition that the Product is available at suppliers of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd. In case the Product covered by the order is not available, the Customer shall be immediately informed about that fact.

2.12. A proof of purchase is issued for each order and it is sent to the Customer together with the Order.

2.13. The Customer may introduce changes to the order until the moment of its execution (that is, until the moment of handing over the order for the dispatch in the central warehouse). The Customer may cancel an order in whole until the moment it is handed over for the dispatch. The cancellation of the order shall contain the name and surname of the Customer, his/her address, the number of the order and the date of the order.

2.14. The introduction of the above mentioned changes is possible via the Customer Service by e-mail to the address: suresh@yesdee.com

2.15. Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd reserves itself the right to cancel orders in case when given Products are not available in the warehouse.

2.16. Within the scope of the service of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd, the Customer may acquire the discount on transactions conducted by him / her during promotional campaigns, and competitions organized by Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd.

The availability of products and payments

3.1. Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd will undertake every effort to enable the Customer to purchase Products, which he / she has reserved in the Basket, as quickly as possible. The order is executed if at the moment of the order placing ordered Products are available at the suppliers of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd.

3.2. All the prices of goods presented on the website of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd are stated in Indian Rupees and they include taxes as well as all fees required under binding provisions of law. The price does not include costs of transportation or delivery of the Product.

3.3. The price stated for each Product is binding for both parties since the moment the Customer places the order until the moment of the execution of the order.

3.4. Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd reserves itself the right to change prices of Products in current campaigns, launch new Products and Campaigns, conduct and cancel promotional activities on the websites of the service or to introduce changes therein. The above mentioned right does not exert any influence on prices of the Products in orders placed before any change became effective.

3.5. The cost of delivery depends on the order value and the weight of the goods. Additionally, such cost depends also on the selected courier as well as the form of payment, and it is displayed in the summary of the Order.

Execution of the order

4.1. Estimated standard delivery time is up to 3 working days since the date of the order placing.

4.2. The Product will be delivered together with a proof of purchase.

4.3. If the Customer does not obtain the delivery within 7 working days since the notification that the delivery was released from the central warehouse of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd, the Customer should contact Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd via e-mail at the e-mail address: suresh@yesdee.com


5.1. Shall the Customer detect any manufacturing defects in the Product after he / she receives the Product, the Customer shall immediately contact the Customer Service of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd via e-mail at the e-mail address: suresh@yesdee.com.

5.2. The Customer shall have the right to lodge a complaint in case Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd fails to execute the provisions of the contract or executes them in an improper manner, which refers in particular to:

5.2.1. – reporting a manufacturing defect in the delivered product,

5.2.2. – reporting damage to the delivered products which appeared during transport,
5.2.3. – incompliance of the Product with the Product described in the order

5.2.4. – execution of the order incompliant with these Regulations

5.3. when lodging a complaint, the Customer will be informed by the Customer Service representative about further steps to be taken with regard to the execution of the complaint procedure.

5.4. The complaint shall contain a correctly filled in return form presenting: the name and surname of the Customer, an e-mail address at which the Customer may be contacted by Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd , the number of the order as well as the description of reported reservations. For further information, the Customer may contact the Customer Service of Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd  via telephone or via e-mail at the address: suresh@yesdee.com The tools for electronic lodging of complaints is available for the registered Account of the user, in the “Your Orders” section, after the opening of the order, to which the complaint applies.

5.5. Complaints shall be investigated immediately, not later, however, than within 14 days since the date on which Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd  receives the consignment with the complained Product. When the complaint is recognized, the defective Product will be repaired or replaced for other, qualitatively irreproachable product, and if it is not possible any more (for instance due the fact that stocks are exhausted), Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd shall reimburse the equivalence of the Product price to the Customer or it shall offer him/her other Products available in the service to select. Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd guarantees the return of the amount paid, with the reservation that if the part of the price has been paid on terms of discounts accumulated by the Customer, the amount actually paid by the Customer shall be returned and the discount will be again available for the Account of the Customer.


Yes Dee Publishing Pvt Ltd sells products of the highest quality