Machining Technology Machine Tools and Operations


Authors: Helmi A. Youssef, Hassan El-Hofy

ISBN: 9781420043396

Copy Right Year:  2008

Pages:  672

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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Offering complete coverage of the technologies, machines tools, and operations of a wide range of machining processes, Machining Technology presents the essential principles of machining, and then examines traditional and nontraditional machining methods. Available for the first time in one easy-to-use resources, the book elucidates the fundamentals, basic element, and operations of the general purpose machine tools used for the production of cylindrical and flat surfaces by turning, drilling and reaming, shaping and planning, milling, boring , broaching, and abrasive processes.

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Table of Content

Machining Technology

Basic Elements and Mechanisms of Machine Tools

General-Purpose Machine Tools

Thread Cutting

Gear Cutting Machines and Operations

Turret and Capstan Lathes

Automated Lathes

Numerical Control and Computer Numerical Control Technology

Hexapods and Machining Technology

Machine Tool Dynamometers

Nontraditional Machine Tools and Operations

Environment-Friendly Machine Tools and Operations

Design for Machining

Accuracy and Surface Integrity Realized by Machining Processes

Automated Manufacturing System



About The Author

Professor Helmi A. Youssef, born in August 1938 in Alexandria, Egypt, acquired his BSc Degree with honors in production engineering from Alexandria University in 1960. He completed his scientific career in Carolo-Wilhelmina, TH Brauncschweig, Germany during 1961-1967, he completed his Dr.-Ing. Degree in the domain of nontraditional machining. In 1968, he returned to the Alexandria University Production Engineering Department as an assistant professor. In 1973, he was promoted to associated professor and in 1978 to full professor.


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