PC Interfacing and Data Acquisition


Author: Kevin James

ISBN: 9789380931517

Copy Right Year:  2000

Pages:  484

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Elsevier

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This book offers a complete practical guide to the programming and interfacing techniques involved in data collection, and the subsequent measurement and control systems. Written from an industry perspective, this book is a fundamental guide for electronics engineers and technicians involved in measurement and instrumentation, DA&C programmers, as well as students aiming to gain a working knowledge of the industrial applications of computer interfacing.

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Table of Content

Part 1: Introduction to Data Acquisition on the PC

The PC as a platform for data acquisition

Software considerations

Part 2: Sampling Fundamentals

Sensors and interfacing

Sampling, noise and filtering

Part 3: I/O Techniques and Buses

The interrupt systems

Data transfer

Parallel buses

Serial Communications

Part 4: Interpreting and Using Acquired Data

Scaling and linearization

Basic control techniques

Part 5: Examples

Example projects

Part 6: Appendices

Appendix A: Adaptor installation reference

Appendix B: Character Codes




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