Advanced Java Programming


Authors: Ramaraj E, Geetha P, Muthukumaran S

ISBN: 9789388005395

Copy Right Year: 2020

Pages:  698

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Yes Dee Publishing

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The core objective of this book is designed for learners to improve the art ofself- learning and problem solving. It creates deep knowledge in Web based programming.
• Completely updated concepts of Java 8 and Java 9 versions
• All worked out examples are tested in Net Beans 8.2
• Covers Java Lambda and JShell programming concepts
• Gives detailed examples with step by step implementation procedure

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Table of Content

Chapter 1       Introduction

1.1Introduction to Java Programming

1.2Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM


Chapter2        Collections Modified

2.1Java –Collections Framework

2.2 The Interfaces in Collections Framework


2.4 Methods of Collection Interface

2.5 The ArrayList Class

2.6 The LinkedList Class.

2.7 List Interface.

2.8 ListIterator Interface

2.9 Java HashSet Class

2.10 LinkedHashSetClass

2.11 TreeSet Class.

2.12 Java Queue Interface.

2.13 PriorityQueue Class

2.14 The ArrayDeque Class

2.15 Map Interface

2.16 HashMap Class

2.17 TreeMap Class

2.18 Comparable Interface

2.19 Comparator Interface

Chapter 3       Patterns

3.1 Design Patterns in Java

3.2Classification of Design Patterns


3.3.1 Factory Method Pattern

3.3.2 Prototype Design Pattern

3.3.3 Singleton Design Pattern in Java


3.3.5 Proxy Pattern

3.3.6 DecoratorPattern

3.3.7Command Pattern

3.3.8 Template Pattern

3.3.9 Mediator Pattern

Chapter 4       appletbasics layout

 4.1 Basics of Applet

4.2Life Cycle of an Applet

4.3Display Methods in Applet

4.4 Passing Values Through Parameters

4.5Displaying Images in Applet

4.6 Displaying Graphics in Applet

4.7 Java Dialog Box

4.8 Graphical User Interface



4.9 Layout Managers in Java

4.9.1 Java BorderLayout

4.9.2 Java GridLayout

4.9.3 Java FlowLayout

4.9.4Java BoxLayout

4.9.5 Java CardLayout

4.9.6 Java GridBagLayout

Chapter 5       AWT Component Class

5.1AWT Component Classes

5.2 Labels

5.3 Buttons


5.5 CheckboxGroup


5.7 Lists

5.8 Scrollbars

5.9 TextField


5.11 MenuBar

Chapter 6       Event Handling with AWT Components

6.1 Overview of Event Handling.

6.2 Event Classes

6.3 Event Listener Interfaces

6.4 Handling MouseEvents

6.5 The KeyListener Interface

Chapter 7       Swing Component Classes

7.1Swing Component Classes

7.2Hierarchy of Java Swing Classes

7.3Using the Swing Components

7.3.1 JLabel




7.3.5 JPasswordField

7.3.6 JCheckBox





7.3.11 JScrollBar

7.3.12Java JMenuBar,JMenu and JMenuItem

7.3.13 JProgressBar


7.3.15 JColorChooser

7.3.16 JTabbedPane

7.3.17 JSlider


Chapter 8       Networking


8.2 Java Socket Programming

8.3 Socket Class

8.4 Java URL Class

8.5 Java URLConnection Class

8.6 HttpURLConnection Class

8.7 InetAddress Class

8.8 Java DatagramSocket and DatagramPacket

8.9 DatagramPacket Class

Chapter 9       JDBC

9.1Introduction to JDBC


9.3JDBC – Driver Types

9.4Steps Involved in JDBC Connection

9.5 JDBC-Statements, Prepared Statement, and CallableStatement

9.5.1 The Statement Objects

9.5.2 The Preparedstatement Objects

9.5.3 The Callablestatement Objects

9.6 JDBC-ResultSets


9.8 Transaction Management in JDBC

Chapter 10     Servlets

10.1Introduction to Servlets


10.3 Servlets Tasks



10.6Steps for Creating Servlets in NetBeans 8.2

10.7 The Servlet Interface


10.9 SingleThreadModel Interface


10.11 Servlets –Exception Handling


10.12.1 Cookies in Servlet

10.12.2 Hidden Form Field

10.12.3URL Rewriting.

10.13HttpSession Interface

10.14ServletRequest Interface

10.15The ServletResponse Interface



10.18 Servlets Database Connectivity Programs

Chapter 11     Server Side Programming – Java Server Pages

11.1 Introduction to JSP

11.2 JSP-Architecture

11.3 JSP-Life Cycle

11.4Components of a JSP Page



11.4.3 JSP Actions

11.5 JSPComments

11.6 JS Implicit Objects

11.7ControlFlowStatements in JSP

11.7.1 Decision-making Statements

11.7.2 Looping Statements

11.8 JSP-Directives.


11.8.2The Include Directive



11.9.1 The <jsp:include>Action

11.9.2 The <jsp:forward>Action

11.9.3 The <jsp:setProperty>Action

11.9.4The <jsp:getProperty>Action

11.10 Scope of JSP Variables

11.11 JSP- Implicit Objects

11.12 JSP-Exception Handling

11.13 Sample Programs in JSP for Database Connectivity

Chapter 12     Client-Side Programming

12.1 Server Side and Client – Side Programming


12.2.1Introduction to HTML

12.2.2 What is XHTML

12.2.3 Rules for Creating an XHTML Document


12.2.5 XHTML Attributes

12.2.6 Rules to Convert from HTML to XHTML


12.3.1 CSS Syntax and Selectors

12.3.2 Adding CSS Styles to Web Pages

12.4 Steps for Creating an HTML Document in NetBeans IDE 8

12.5 Form Designing Using HTML, XHTML, DHTML and CSS


12.6.1 Text Input Controls

12.6.2 Password Input Controls

12.6.3 Multiple-Line Text Input Controls

12.6.4 Checkbox Control

12.6.5 Radio Button Control

12.6.6 Select Box Control




Chapter 13Client-Side Validation Using JavaScript

13.1 Introduction to JavaScript

13.2 Client-Side Validation Using JavaScript

13.3 Automatic HTML Form Validation

13.4Form Validation Using JavaScript Onfocus, Onblur, Onsubmit, and Onreset


13.5 Event Bubbling

Chapter 14     Content Structuring Using XML

 14.1 Introduction to XML

14.2 XML-Syntax and Rules

14.3 XML Declaration

14.4 XML Elements

14.5 XML Attributes

14.6 XML Namespaces

14.7 Steps for Creating XML Document in NetBeans IDE 8.2

Chapter 15     AJAX

 15.1 Introduction to AJAX

15.2 AJAX-The XMLHttpRequest Object

15.3 AJAX – Server Response

15.4 Database Connectivity Using AJAX

Chapter 16     JQUERY

 16.1 Introduction to jQuery

16.2 Adding jQuery to Your Web Pages

16.3 jQuery Syntax

16.4 The Document Ready Event.

16.5 jQuery Selectors

16.6 jQuery Event Methods

16.7  jQuery – AJAX Introduction

16.8 jQuery – AJAX get() and post() Methods

Chapter 17 Java Lambda Expressions

 17.1 Introduction to Java Lambda

17.2 Functional Interface in Java Lambda

17.2.1 Predefined Functional Interface in Java 8

17.3 Method Reference in Java Lambda

17.3.1 Method Reference to Static Method – Class::static Method Name

17.3.2 Method Reference to an Instance Method of an Object

17.3.3 Method Reference to an Instance Method of an Arbitrary Object of

Particular Type.

17.3.4 Method Reference to an Instance Method of an Arbitrary Object of

Constructor Type

17.4 Stream API in Java 8

17.4.1 Intermediate Operations

17.4.2 Terminal Operations

17.5 Optional Class in Java 8

17.6 Nashorn in Java 8

17.7 Base64Encode and Decode in Java 8

Chapter 18     Java 9 Concepts

18.1 JShell – (RPEL) in Java 9

18.2 Collection Factory Methods in Java 9

18.2.1 Immutable List Using Factory Methods

18.2.2 Immutable Set Using Factory Methods

18.2.3 Immutable Map Using Factory Methods

18.3 Private Interface in Java 9

18.4 Private Methods in Java 9

18.5 Diamond Operator for Anonymous Inner Class

18.6 Multiresolution Image API in Java 9

About The Authors

Dr. E. Ramaraj is Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. He is having more than 32 years of teaching and 17 years of research experience. There are more than 110 publications to his credit in reputed International and National Journals.

Dr. P. Geetha is Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science,Dr.Umayal Ramanathan College for women, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. She is having more than 13 years of teaching experience. She has published more than 20 research papers in reputed International/National Journals.

Mr. S. Muthukumaran is Research Scholar, Department of ComputerScience, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. He is having7 years of teaching experience and has published a book and more than13 research papers in International Journals.


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