Materials for Automobile Bodies 2e


Author:  Geoff Davies

ISBN: 9789351070870

Copy Right Year:  2012

Pages:   416

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Elsevier

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Materials for Automobile Bodies brings together a wealth of information on automotive materials and material technologies to provide designers and vehicle body engineers with both a solid grounding and a quick reference to inform their material choices. Materials for Automobile Bodies is a valuable resource for all engineers, designers, analysts and students involved in automotive design and specification.

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Table of Content


Design and material utilization

Materials for consideration and use in automotive body structures

The role of demonstration, concept and competition cars

Component manufacture

Component assembly: materials joining technology

Corrosion and protection of the automotive structure

Environmental and safety considerations

Future trends in automotive body materials


About The Author

Geoff Davies was formerly head of body materials selection at BMW (UK) and now works internationally as a materials consultant.


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