The Automotive Body Vol 1. Components Design


Authors: Lorenzo Morello, Lorenzo Rosti Rossini, Giuseppe Pia, Andrea Tonoli

ISBN: 9788132208877

Copy Right Year:  2011

Pages:  690

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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The Second volume addresses the body system engineer and has the objective to lead him to the specification definition used to finalize detail design and production by the car manufacturer or the supply chain. The processing of these specification, made by mathematical models of different complexity, starts always from the presentations of the needs of the customer using the vehicle and from the larger number of rules imposed by laws and customs. The two volumes are completed by references, list of symbols adopted and subjects index.

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Table of Content

Introduction to Volume I

Historical Evolution

Graphic Representation Systems

Body Work

Body Components

Body Interiors



About The Author

Lorenzo Morello received his degree in Mechanical Automotive Engineering in 1968 at the Politecnico of Turin. He immediately began his career at the Politecnico as Assistant of Machine Design and Technologies. Leaving the Politecnico in 1971, went to work at a branch of Fiat dedicated to vehicle studies, one that has been joined to the new Research Center in 1976. He participates in the development of cars and experimental prototypes for the ESV US Program.  


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