Marketing Theory (Slightly Damaged Condition)


Author: Shelby D. Hunt

ISBN: 9789380381176

Copy Right Year: 2010

Pages: 464

Binding: Softcover

Publisher: Yes Dee Publishing

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First, by incorporating an analysis of the controversy concerning the definition of marketing, Hunt more completely develops the thesis that marketing is a professional discipline that has multiple stakeholders.

Second, four new chapters are added and adapted from Hunt’s Controversy in Marketing Theory. These chapters analyze the “philosophy debates” within the field, including the controversies with respects to scientific realism, qualitative methods, truth, and objectivity.

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Table of Content

Part 1 The Nature of Marketing and Science

1 Introduction

2 On the Marketing Discipline

Part 2 The Foundations of Marketing Theory

3 On the Morphology of Explanation

4 Explanation: Issues and Aspects

5 On the Morphology of Scientific Laws

6 Scientific Laws: Issues and Aspects

7 On the Morphology of Theory

8 Theory: Issues and Aspects

Part 3 Controversy in Marketing Theory

9 On Scientific Realism and Marketing Research

10 On Science/Nonscience, Qualitative Methods, and Marketing Research

11 On Truth and Marketing Research

12 On Objectivity and Marketing Research

Part 4 Toward a General Theory of Marketing

13 On the Resource-Advantage (R-A) Theory of Competition

14 Competition Theory, Alderson’s Market Processes Theory, and R-A Theory

15 Strategy and R-A Theory



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