Literature For Language Skills 2Ed


Author: Mahanand, Anand

ISBN: 9789388005470

Copy Right Year: 2020

Pages:  210

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Yes Dee Publishing

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Literature for Language Skills will help teachers and learners to use literature as a resource for developing language skills and literary appreciation. The first three chapters of the book sensitize them to different aspects of literature and language teaching. The last three chapters give practical guidance to use literary texts. The book contains many literary classics including poems, short stories, plays, autobiographies, essays and so on to develop language skills. It includes many practical exercises that can be adopted by teachers. This book will not only give teachers and learners access to fine literary pieces, but will also guide them on how to teach and enjoy them and in the process enhance their language skills and literary appreciation. The solved questions will also enable the teachers to become autonomous learners. This book is based on the recent Communicative Language Approach.

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Table of Content

Chapter 1 Understanding Literature
1.1 Understanding the Concept of Literature: Bases and Revisions
1.1.1 Definitions
1.2 The Relationship between Language and Literature
1.3 Literature in the Language Classroom: The Indian Context
Chapter 2 The Role of Literature in the Language Classroom
2.1 Features That Make Literature Teaching Effective
2.1.1 Reasons for Using Literature – Gilian Lazar (2008)
2.1.2 Reasons for Using Literature – Joanne Collie and Stephen Slater (2002)
2.1.3 Reasons for Using Literature – Alan Maley (1989)
2.2 Using Literature for Literary Appreciation
2.2.1 Some Steps in Literary Appreciation
2.2.2 Some Activities for Appreciating a Text
Chapter 3 Forms of Literature and Their Potential for Language Education
3.1 Story
3.2 Novel
3.3 Poetry
3.4 Play (Drama)
3.5 Autobiography
3.6 Essay
3.7 Travelogue
 Chapter 4 Literary Texts as Materials
4.1 Selecting Texts
4.2 Criteria for Selecting Texts
4.3 ELE Materials: An Introduction
4.4 Role of Materials
4.5 Effective Materials
4.6 Features of Effective Materials
4.7 Evaluation of Materials
4.7.1 Levels of Evaluation
4.7.2 Guideline for Materials Evaluation
4.8 ELE Materials in Communicative Language Teaching Contexts
4.8.1 Features of CLT
4.9 Designing Tasks Using Literary Texts
4.9.1 Components of Task
4.9.2 Types of Tasks
4.9.3 Checklist for Evaluating Tasks
4.9.4 Creating Learning Tasks
 Chapter 5 Using Literary Texts
5.1 Story
5.2 Novel
5.3 Poem
5.4 Essay

• Works Cited
• Conclusion
• Bibbliography

About The Author

Professor Anand Mahanand has been on the faculty of the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad for more than twenty years. Apart from his teaching and research at the university, he develops materials and designs syllabi for the learners and teachers of English. He has authored, co-authored/edited/translated more than thirty books and developed materials for EFLU, IGNOU and BRAOU. His major publications include English through Folktales, Real English, English for Academic and Professional Skills, and Study Skills: Learning to Learn. He has translated four collections of short stories and published four collections of poems. He has also contributed for the People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI). He is on the Editorial Board of prestigious International journals. He has won the Bharat Jyoti Puraskar from the Best   Citizen publishing House for his contribution to socially relevant research.


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