Advanced Written English


Authors:  Robin Macpherson

ISBN: 9788190844956

Copy Right Year:  2001

Pages:    208

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  PSP

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An excellent textbook addressed to advanced learners of English who wish to further develop their writing skills. The publication focuses on those aspects of the language which cause particular problems for those aiming to achieve a native-like competence in written English. An invaluable aid for perfecting one’s style. For teachers, translators, writers, journalist, students and those preparing for proficiency exams

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Table of Content

Laxical choice Involving parts of speech

Frequent problems with specific Lexical Items

Selected Structural Peculiarities

Stylistic Devices

Clarity and Syntax

Rhetorical Enhancers: Conjunctions and Discourse Markers

Articles: A Few Tips


Key to the Exercises



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