Engineering Noise Control 4e Theory and Practice


Authors: David A. Bies, Colin H. Hansen

ISBN: 9780415487078

Copy Right Year:  2009

Pages:  768

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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Although this fourth edition follows the same basic style and format as the first, second and third editions, the content has been considerably updated and expanded, yet again. This is partly in response to significant advances in the practice of acoustics and in the associated technology during the six years since the third edition and partly in response to improvements, corrections, suggestions and queries raised by various practitioners and students. The major additions are outlined below. However, there are many other minor additions and corrections that have been made to the text but which are not specifically identified here.

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Table of Content

Fundamentals and Basic Terminology

The Human Ear

Instrumentation for Noise Measurement and Analysis


Sound Sources and Outdoor Sound Propagation

Sound Power, Its Use and Measurement

Sound in Enclosed Spaces

Partitions, Enclosures and Barriers

Muffling Devices

Vibration Control

Sound Power and Sound Pressure Level Estimation Procedures

Practical Numerical Acoustics

Appendix A: Wave Equation Derivation

Appendix B: Properties of Materials

Appendix C: Acoustical Properties of Porous Materials

Appendix D: Frequency Analysis


List of Acoustical Standards



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