Civil Engineering Hydraulics, 5th Edition


Author: Martin Marriott

ISBN: 9788126548330

Copy Right Year:  2009

Pages:  424

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Wiley

Price: 995, 896

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This book has regularly been on my reading lists for hydraulics and water engineering modules for university civil engineering degree students, and also for the Engineering Council Graduated Diploma unit in hydraulics and hydrology. The concise summary of theory and the worked examples have been useful to me both as a practicing engineer and as an academic.

I was therefore very pleased to be asked to be responsible for a new edition, and resolved to retain all the good qualities of previous editions, with updating as necessary and with an additional new chapter on environmental hydraulics and hydrology.

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Table of Content

Properties of Fluids

Fluid Statics

Fluid Flow Concepts and Measurements

Flow of Incompressible Fluids in Pipelines

Pipe Network Analysis

Pump-Pipeline System Analysis and Design

Boundary Layers on Flat Plates and in Ducts

Steady Flow in Open Channels

Dimensional Analysis, Similitude and Hydraulic Models

Ideal Fluid Flow and Curvilinear Flow

Gradually Varied Unsteady Flow from Reservoirs

Mass Oscillations and Pressure Transients in Pipelines

Unsteady Flow in Channels

Uniform Flow in Loose-Boundary Channels

Hydraulic Structures

Environmental Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology



About The Author

Martin Marriott is Principal Lecturer in the school of Computing, Information Technology and Engineering, University of East London. He is a chartered civil engineer, with degrees from the Universities of Cambridge, London (Imperial College) and Hertfordshire. He has wide professional experience in the UK and overseas with major firms of consulting engineers, followed by many years experience as a lecturer in higher education. He is a former Branch chairman of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, and has served as Chief Examiner for the Engineering Council Graduate Diploma paper in Hydraulics and Hydrology.


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