Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics


Author: Ashish Tewari

ISBN: 9788184893335

Copy Right Year:  2007

Pages:  576

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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Modern aerospace vehicles, such as the space shuttle, other launch vehicles, and long-range missiles, do not discriminate between atmospheric and space flight. Most texts on flight dynamics, however, make this artificial distinction and therefore do not simultaneously cover aircraft and spacecraft. Bridging this gap in the literature, Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics is a unified presentation, demonstrating that the two disciplines have actually evolved from the same set of physical principles.

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Table of Content


Attitude and Kinematics of Coordinate Frames

Planetary Form and Gravity

Translational Motion of Aerospace Vehicles

Orbital Mechanics

Perturbed Orbits

The Three-Body Problems

Rocket Propulsion

Planetary Atmosphere

Elements of Aerodynamics

Airbreathing Propulsion

Atmospheric and Transatmospheric Trajectories

Attitude Dynamics

Attitude Control Systems

Advanced Modeling and Simulation Concepts

Numerical Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations

Answers to Selected Exercises




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