Wind Turbine Technology


Author: Ahmad Hemami

ISBN: 9788131518151

Copy Right Year: 2012

Pages: 407

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher: Cengage

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This book presents an introduction to wind energy and wind turbines. Its primary purpose is to serve as a comprehensive textbook for a course taken by first-year students of a 2-year or 4-year program, who normally do not have a prior introduction to the relevant electrical and mechanical subjects, essential to follow the new subject. It also intends to be a basic self-content resource for a person interested in enhancing his or her knowledge on the subject. The principles of wind energy technology and how wind turbines work are presented assuming no previous exposure of the reader to a number of pertinent subjects.

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Table of Content


Energy in the Wind


Wind Turbine Basic Types: Analysis and Characteristics

Three-Blade Propeller-Type Wind Turbine and Its Components

Electricity and Electric Generation

Propeller-Type Wind Turbine Characteristics

Grid Connection

Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems

Control of Wind Turbines Part 1: Mechanical Side

Control of Wind Turbines Part 2: Electrical Side

Ancillary Electric Devices

Wind Turbine Mechanical Design Matters

Economics of Wind Energy

Environmental Concerns

Safety and Other Issues

Working on Wind Turbines and Operator Safety

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C




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