Web Engineering Modelling and Implementing Web Applications


Authors: Gustavo Rossi, Oscar Pastor, Daniel Schwable, Luis Olsina

ISBN: 9788184896640

Copy Right Year:  2008

Pages:  472

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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Web Engineering: Modelling and Implementing Web Applications presents the state of the art approaches for obtaining a correct and complete Web software product from conceptual schemas, represented via well-known design notations.

Describing mature and consolidated approaches to developing complex applications, this edited volume is divided into three parts and covers the challenges web application developers face; design issues for web applications; and how to measures and evaluate web applications in a consistent way.

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Table of Content

Part I: Web Engineering and Web Applications Development

  • Introduction
  • Web Application Development: Challenges and the Role of Web Engineering
  • The Web as an Application Platform

Part II: Web Design Methods

  • Overview of Design Issues for Web Applications Development
  • Applying the OOWS Model-Driven Approach for Developing Web Applications The Internet Movie Database Case Study
  • Modeling and Implementing Web Applications with OOHDM
  • UML- Based Web Engineering An approach Based on Standards
  • Designing Multichannel Web Applications as ‘’Dialogue Systems’’. The IDM Model



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