The Physics of Micro / Nano Fabrication


Authors: Ivor Brodie, Julius J. Muray

ISBN: 9788184894134

Copy Right Year:  1992

Pages:  672

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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In assembling the material for The Physics of Microfabrication a decade ago, it became clear that the field of building ultrasmall devices was in a state of rapid change. People not only were striving to build microdevices in fields other than microelectronic circuits, such as micro-optical, micromechanical, and microchemical devices, but, perhaps more important, also were striving toward achieving atomic tolerances (less than one nanometer). At the time we felt that if we wrote a book that was restricted to the physical basis of microfabrication, it should be able to cope with evolutionary changes in microfabrication processes and thereby not date too quickly.

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Table of Content

Preliminary Survey

Particle Beams: Sources, Optics, and Interactions

Plasmas: Physics and Chemistry

Layering Technologies

Pattern Generation


Limits to Nanofabrication




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