Scalable Multi-core Architectures Design Methodologies and Tools


Authors: Dimitrios Soudris, Axel Jantsch

ISBN: 9788132231660

Copy Right Year:  2008

Pages:  240

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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This book provides a current snapshot of industrial and academic research, conducted as part of the European FP7MOSART project, addressing urgent challenges in many core architectures and application mapping. It addresses the architectural design of many core chips, memory and data management, power management, design and programming methodologies. It also describes how new techniques have been applied in various industrial case studies.

Describes trends towards distributed memory architectures and distributed power management.

Integrates Network on Chip with distributed, shared memory architectures

Demonstrates novel design methodologies and frameworks for multi-core design space exploration

Shows how middleware services can be integrated into and support by the platform

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Table of Content

Part I HW/SW/ Building Blocks: Architecture, Methods, and Techniques

Memory Architecture and Management in an NoC Platform

Application-Specific Multi-Threaded Dynamic Memory Management

Power Management Architecture in McNoC

ASIP Exploration and Design

Part II System-level Exploration

System Exploration

MPA: Parallelization Made Easy

Part III Industrial Applications

MPSoC Architecture Performance Analysis for Agile SDR Radio Applications

Application of the MOSART Flow on the WiMax PHY Layer


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