Satellite Systems Engineering in an IPV6 Environment


Author: Daniel Minoli

ISBN: 9781420078688

Copy Right Year:  2009

Pages:  360

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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Satellite technology will maintain its key role in the evolving communications needs of government, military, IPTV, and mobile video industries because of its intrinsic multicast/broadcast capabilities, mobility aspects, global reach, reliability, and ability to quickly support connectivity in open-space or hostile environments. At a different level, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) technology is now being deployed around the world to provide true explicit end-to-end device addressability, as evidenced by onboard IP and IPv6 routers that will enable future satellites to facilitate intelligent traffic distribution.

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Table of Content

Introduction to Satellite Communications

Electromagnetic Propagation and Reception

Antenna Engineering Basics

Modulation and Multiplexing Techniques

Error Correction Techniques

Link Budget Analysis

IPv6 Overview

Carrying IPv4, IPv6, and TCP over Satellite Links

Satellite Communication in IPv6 Environments

Appendix A: Preparation for IPv6 in Satellite Communications


About The Author

Daniel Minoli  has many years of technical hands-on and managerial experience (including budget or PL responsibility) in networking, telecom, wireless, video, Enterprise Architecture, and security for global Best-In-Class carriers, service providers, and financial companies. He has worked at financial firms such as AIG, Prudential Securities, Capital One Financial and service provider firms such as Bell Telephone Laboratories, ITT, Bell Communications Research (now Telcordia), AT&T, Leading Edge Networks, Inc., and SES Engineering, where he is director of Terrestrial Systems Engineering. SES is the largest satellite communications company in the world.


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