Rigorous Software Development


Authors: Jose Bacelar Almeida, Maria Joao Frade, Jorge Sousa Pinto, Simao Melo de Sousa

ISBN: 9788132231653

Copy Right Year:  2011

Pages:  276

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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The use of mathematical methods in the development of software is essential when reliable systems are sought; in particular they are now strongly recommended by the official norms adopted in the production of critical software. Program verification is the area of computer science that studies mathematical methods for checking that a program conforms to its specification. This text is a self-contained introduction to program verification using logic-based methods, presented in the broader context of formal methods for software engineering.

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Table of Content


An Overview of Formal Methods Tools and Techniques

Propositional Logic

First-Order Logic

Hoare Logic

Generating Verification Conditions

Safety Properties

Procedures and Contracts

Specifying C Programs

Verifying C Programs



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