Reliable Distributed Systems Technologies, Web services and Applications


Author: Kenneth P. Birman

ISBN: 9780387215099

Copy Right Year:  2005

Pages:  702

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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Reliable Distributed Systems reviews and describes the key concepts, principles and applications of modern distributed computing systems and architectures. This self-contained book consists of five parts. The first covers introductory material, including the basic architecture of the Internet, simple protocols such as RPC and TCP, object oriented architectures, operating systems enhancements for high performance, and reliability issues. The second covers the web, with a focus on Web Services technologies, Mircosoft’s. NET and the Java Enterprise Edition. The last three parts look at a number of reliability and fault-tolerance issues and techniques, with an emphasis on replication applied in Web Services settings.

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Table of Content

Basic Distributed Computing Technologies

Web Technologies

Reliable Distributed Computing

Applications of Reliability Techniques

Related Technologies

Appendix: Problems



About The Author

Kenneth P. Birman is an ACM Fellow and Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University, where his research focuses on reliable, secure, and scalable distributed computing systems. His work has been applied to the NYSE, the Swiss Stock Exchange, the U.S. Navy’s AEGIS warship, and the French air-traffic control system.


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