Kathiresan A, Haritha Deepthi A, Jacquline Dorothy A, Lakshmanan K

ISBN: 9789391549633

Copyright Year: 2023

Pages: 122 PP

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Yes Dee Publishing

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This book on PYTHON emphasizes on programming skills required to solve real-world problems. The book starts with a chapter on introduction to Python with features of python, variables, data types, operators and expressions. The next chapter addresses decision making statements, control structure and functions. These topics’ gives the reader the ability to choose a particular block of code for execution and helps the user to specify the control flow. This is followed by a chapter on strings and lists in python. The reader gets to know the string operators and string functions available in python with easy examples. The practical examples on list operators and built-in functions give the reader an elaborate knowledge on the topic. The following chapter has very good examples and explanation for tuples and dictionaries in python. The last chapter of the book has coverage on files and exception handling, which provides the complete working on files, directory, built-in exceptions and user-defined exceptions. Overall this book will be a handy tool for all beginners.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Introduction to Python


1.1 Features of Python

1.2 Installing and Running Python

1.3 Interpreter and Interactive Mode

1.4 Identifiers

1.5 Reserved Keywords

1.6 Variables

1.7 Comments in Python

1.7.1 Types of Comments in Python

1.8 Data Types

1.8.1 Numeric

1.8.2 String

1.8.3 List

1.8.4 Sets

1.8.5 Tuple

1.8.6 Dictionary

1.8.7 Boolean

1.9 Operators

1.9.1 Arithmetic Operators

1.9.2 Relational Operators

1.9.3 Assignment Operators

1.9.4 Logical Operators

1.9.5 Bitwise Operators

1.9.6 Membership Operators

1.9.7 Identity Operators

1.10 Statements and Expression in Python

1.10.1 Multi-Line Statements

1.10.2 Expressions

1.11 String Operations

1.12 Boolean Expressions

1.12.1 Comparison Operators

1.12.2 Logical Operators

1.13 Data Type Conversion

1.13.1 Implicit Type Conversion

1.13.2 Explicit Type Conversion

1.14 Input Function

1.15 Raw Input Function

1.16 Difference between Input and Raw Input Function

1.17 Mutable and Immutable Objects

1.17.1 Mutable Objects

1.17.2 Immutable Objects

1.18 Illustrative Programs


Chapter 2 Decision Making, Control Structure and



2.1 Decision Making

2.1.1 If Statements

2.1.2 If Else Statements

2.1.3 Elif Statements

2.2 Control Statements

2.2.1 For Loop

2.2.2 Range( ) Function

2.2.3 While Loop

2.2.4 Break Statement

2.2.5 Pass Statements

2.3 Built-in Functions

2.3.1 Built-in Math Functions

2.3.2 Date and Time

2.4 How to Create a Function?

2.4.1 dir()Function

2.4.2 Help()Function

2.5 User Defined Functions

2.5.1 Parameterized Function

2.5.2 Default Arguments

2.5.3 Keyword Arguments

2.5.4 Variable Length Arguments

2.5.5 Function with Return Value

2.5.6 Parameters and Arguments

2.5.7 Function Composition

2.6 Recursion


Chapter 3 Strings and Lists


3.1 Strings -Strings in Python

3.1.1 String Functions

3.1.2 String Slicing

3.1.3 Immutable Property

3.1.4 String Traversal

3.1.5 Escape Character

3.1.6 String Formatting

3.1.7 String Template Class

3.2 List

3.2.1 Creation of List

3.2.2 Accessing Elements from the List

3.2.3 Mutable Property

3.2.4 Traversing a List

3.2.5 List Operations

3.2.6 List Methods

3.2.7 Deleting Elements

3.2.8 List Aliasing

3.2.9 List Arguments


Chapter 4 Tuples and Dictionaries


4.1 Tuples

4.1.1 Creating a Tuple

4.1.2 Accessing Values

4.1.3 Immutable Property

4.1.4 Assingment of Tuples

4.1.5 Returning Tuples

4.1.6 Tuples or Argument

4.1.7 Build-in Tuple Function

4.2 Dictionaries

4.2.1 Creating a Dictionary

4.2.2 Accessing Values

4.2.3 Updating Dictionary

4.2.4 Deleting Elements from Dictionary

4.2.5 Dictionary Keys Properties

4.2.6 Operation in Dictionary

4.2.7 Built-in Dictionary Method

4.2.8 Illustrative Programs





Chapter 5 Files and Exception Handling


5.1 Files

5.1.1 Opening a File

5.1.2 Closing a File

5.1.3 Reading and Writing a File

5.1.4 File Object Attributes

5.1.5 File Positions

5.1.6 Renaming a File

5.1.7 Files Related Methods

5.1.8 Directory

5.2 Exceptions

5.2.1 Built-in Exceptions

5.2.2 Handling Exceptions

5.2.3 Try and Except Statements

5.2.4 Finally Statement

5.2.5 Illustrutive Programs

About the Authors

Kathiresan is Head-In-Charge, Department of Information Technology,PSG Polytechnic College Coimbatore. His areas of specialisation include Big Data, Multimedia, Cloud Computing and Web technology.


Haritha Deepthi is Lecturer, Department of Information Technology, PSG Polytechnic College Coimbatore. Her areas of specialisation include Cyber Security, Information Security, RDBMS, Operating Systems and Multimedia.


Jacquline Dorothy is Lecturer, Department of Maths and Computer Application at PSG Polytechnic College Coimbatore. Her areas of specialisation include DBMS, Data Structures and Data Mining.


Lakshmanan is Lecturer, Department of Information Technology, PSG Polytechnic College Coimbatore. His areas of specialisation include Operating Sytems, Component Based Technology and Multimedia.


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