Optimal Control of Induction Heating Processes


Authors: Edgar Rapaport, Yulia Pleshivtseva

ISBN: 9780849337543

Copy Right Year:  2007

Pages:  376

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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This book introduces new approaches to solving optimal control problems in induction heating process applications. Optimal Control of Induction Heating Processes demonstrates how to apply and use new optimization techniques for different types of induction heating installations.

Focusing on practical methods for solving real engineering optimization problems, the text features a variety of specific optimization examples for induction heater modes and designs, particularly those used in industrial applications. The book describes basic physical phenomena in induction heating and induction heating process (IHP) optimization problems as well as IHP mathematical models for practical use. It explains the fundamentals of the new exact method and the advantages it offers over other well-known methods.

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Table of Content

Introduction to Theory and Industrial Applications of Induction Heating Processes

Optimization Problems for Induction Heating Processes

Method for Computation of Optimal Processes for Induction Heating of Metals

Optimal Control of Static Induction Heating Processes

Optimal Control of Progressive and Continuous Induction Heating Processes

Combined Optimization of Production Complex for Induction Billet Heating and  Subsequent Metal Hot Forming Operators

About The Author

Edgar Rapoport is head of the Department of Automatics and Control in Technical Systems at Samara State Technical University, Russia. He received his electrical engineering degree and Ph.D. from Kuibyshev Industrial Institute. Professor Rapoport has 47 years of experience in automatic control and optimization for technological processes and technical systems. His current scientific and technical interests include optimal control of a variety of industrial processes, will concentration on optimization of induction heating processes; optimization methods; and control and synthesis of systems with distributed parameters.


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