Ontological Engineering


Authors: Asuncion Gomez Perez, Mariano Fernandez Lopez, Oscan Corcho

ISBN: 9788184897906

Copy Right Year:  2004

Pages:  416

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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Ontologies provide a common vocabulary of an area and define, with different levels of formality, the meaning of the terms and the relationships between them. Ontological Engineering refers to the set of activities that concern the ontology development process, the ontology life cycle, the methods and methodologies for building ontologies, and the tool suites and languages that support them.

During the last decade, increasing attention has been focused on ontologies. Ontologies are now widely used in Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science; in applications related to areas such as Knowledge Management, Natural Language Processing, e-Commerce, Intelligent Information Integration, Bio-Informatics, Education; and in new emerging fields like the Semantic Web

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Table of Content

Theoretical Foundations of Ontologies

The Most Outstanding Ontologies

Methodologies and Methods for Building Ontologies

Languages for Building Ontologies

Ontology Tools



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