Nanoparticles Building Blocks for Nanotechnology


Author: Vincent Rotello

ISBN: 9788184896091

Copy Right Year:  2004

Pages:  296

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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The diverse structures and properties of nanoparticles make them useful tools for both fundamental studies and pragmatic applications in a range of disciplines. This volume is intended to explore this diversity by discussing the formation of nanoparticles, and assembly of these systems into structures systems, while also focusing on both the fundamental physical properties of nanoparticles and pragmatic applications of these systems in the areas of device and materials fabrication.

The book presents a distinctly chemical approach to nanoparticles research. Nanoparticles: Building Blocks for Nanotechnology integrates synthesis, methods and applications to provide an exciting view of nanoparticle science for researchers in the areas of inorganic, organic, biological , and physical chemistry; materials science, electrical engineering, physics, polymer science, colloid science. It should also appeal to material scientists and physicists who realize the need and benefit of contributions to further develop this field.

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Table of Content

Synthesis and Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Semiconductor Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Properties, and Integration into Polymers for the Generation of Novel Composite Materials

Architecture of Nanocrystal Building Blocks

Nanoparticle Scaffolds for Devices and Sensors

Nanoparticles in Catalysis

Adventures with Smart Chemical Sensing: Electrooptically Responsive Photonic Crystals

Plasmonic Nanomaterials: Enhanced Optical Properties from Metal Nanoparticles and Their Ensembles

Nanoparticle Polymer Ensembles

Electrostatic Assembly of Nanoparticles

Biological and Biomimetic Applications of Nanoparticles



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