Multi-Sensor Image Fusion and Its Applications


Authors: Rick S. Blum, Zheng Liu  

ISBN: 9780849334177

Copy Right Year:  2006

Pages:  528

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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Taking another lesson from nature, the latest advances in image processing technology seek to combine image data from several diverse types of sensors in order to obtain a more accurate view of the scene: very much the same as we rely on our five senses. Multi Sensor Image Fusion and Its Applications is the first text dedicated to the theory and practice of the registration and fusion of image data, covering such approaches as statistical methods, color-related techniques, model-based methods, and visual information display strategies.

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Table of Content

An Overview of Image Fusion

Mutual Information Based Image Registration with Application to 3D Medical Brain Imagery

Studies on Registration and Fusion of Retinal Images

Nonrigid MR/US Registration for Tracking Brain Deformations

Multisensor Data Inversion and Fusion based on Shared Image Structure

Entropic Graphs for Registration

Fusion of Images from Different Electro-Optical Sensing Modalities for Surveillance and Navigation Tasks

A Statistical Signal Processing Approach to Image Fusion Using Hidden Markov Models

Multimodal Human Recognition Systems

Change Detection/Interpretation with Evidential Fusion of Contextual Attributes Applications to Multipass

Multisensor Registration for Earth Remotely Sensed Imagery

System and Model-Based Approaches to Data Fusion for NDE Applications

Fusion of Multimodal NDI Images for Aircraft Corrosion Detection and Quantification

Fusion of Blurred Images

Gaze- Contingent Multimodality Displays for Visual Information Fusion: Systems and Applications

Structural and Information Theoretic Approaches to Image Quality Assessment



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