Introduction to Logic Design


Authors:  Svetlana N. Yanushkevich Vlad P. Shmerko

ISBN: 9781420060942

Copy Right Year:  2008

Pages:    716

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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With an abundance of insightful examples, problems, and computer experiments, Introduction to Logic Design provides a balanced, easy-to-read treatment of the fundamental theory of logic functions and applications to the design of digital devices and systems. Requiring no prior knowledge of electrical circuits or electronics, it supplies the essential material to understand the basic operation and design of digital systems.

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Table of Content

Design Process and Technology

Number Systems

Graphical Data Structures

Algebra I: Boolean

Fundamental Expansions

Boolean Data Structures

Properties of Boolean functions (Optional)

Optimization I: Algebraic and K-maps

Optimization II: Decision Diagrams

Algebra II: Polynomial

Manipulation of Polynomial Expressions

Decision Diagrams for Polynomial Forms (Optional)

Standard Modules of Combinational Networks

Combinational Logic Network Design

Standard Modules of Sequential Logic Networks

Memory and Programmable Devices

Sequential Logic Network Design

Design for Testability



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