Introduction to Biofuels


Author: David M. Mousdale

ISBN: 9781439812075

Copy Right Year:  2010

Pages:  456

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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What role will biofuels play in the scientific portfolio that might bring energy independence and security, revitalize rural infrastructures, and wean us off of our addiction to oil? The shifting energy landscape of the 21st century, with its increased demand for renewable energy technology, poses a worrying intellectual challenge. Discussing the multidisciplinary study of bioenergy and its potential for replacing fossil fuels in the coming decades, Introduction to Biofuels provides a roadmap for understanding the broad sweep of technological, sociological, and energy  policy issues that intermingle and intertwine.

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Table of Content

Ethanol as the Leading ‘’First-Generation’’ Biofuel

Cellulosic Ethanol as a ‘’Second –Generation’’ Biofuel

Microbiology of Cellulosic Ethanol Production I: Yeasts

Microbiology of Cellulosic Ethanol Production II: Bacteria

Biochemical Engineering of Cellulosic Ethanol

The Economics of Fuel Ethanol

Advanced Biofuels: The Widening Portfolio of Alternative

Chemically Produced Biofuels

Sustainability of Biofuels Production

Biofuels as Products of Integrated Bioprocesses (Biorefineries)


About The Author

David Mousdale was educated at Oxford (BA, biochemistry, 1974) and Cambridge (PhD, 1979). He researched growth control and integration mechanisms in plants and plant cell cultures before turning to enzyme response to xenobiotics, including the first isolation of a glyphosate-sensitive enzyme from a higher plant.

In the microbial physiology and biochemistry of industrial fermentations, he developed metabolic analysis to analyze changes in producing strains developed by serendipity (i.e., classical strain improvement) or by rational genetic engineering. He became managing director of beocarta Ltd in 1997.


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