Information Systems Reengineering and Integration 2e


Author: Joseph Fong

ISBN: 9788184893632

Copy Right Year:  2006

Pages:  388

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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Reengineering involves the re-design of an existing Information System, whilst utilizing as much of the existing system as possible. This text takes a practical approach to re-engineering existing systems and looks at data integration, and focuses on proven methods and tools for:

The conversion of hierarchical or network database systems into relational database technology, or from relational to object-oriented and XML databases

The integration of database systems and expert systems to produce MIS and EIS systems


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Table of Content

Information Systems Reengineering and Integration

Database and Expert System Technology

Schema Translation

Data Conversion

Database Program Translation

Database Conversion Methodology

Heterogeneous Databases Integration

Database and Expert Systems Integration




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