Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms


Author: Veerarajan T

ISBN: 9789388005227

Copy Right Year: 2020

Pages:  400

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Yes Dee Publishing

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This textbook is meant for students of first course on Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms. The book provides balanced coverage of both theory and practice of concepts. A wide variety of problems and lucid language will help students understand and apply the concepts easily. The step-by-step solutions to solved problems enables clear understanding. A variety of solved and unsolved problems have been incorporated to help student’s ace university and competitive examinations.

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Table of Content

Chapter1 First Order Higher Degree Differential Equations
1.1 Equations of the First Order and Higher Degree
1.1.1 Type 1 — Equations Solvable for p
1.1.2 Type 2 — Equations Solvable for y
1.1.3 Type 3 — Equations solvable for x
1.1.4 Type 4 — Clairaut’s Equations
Chapter 2 Linear Second Order D.E.’s With Constant Coefficients
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Complementary Function
2.3 Particular Integral
Chapter 3 Euler’s Linear Homogeneous D.E’s And
Variation of Parameters
3.1 Simultaneous Differential Equations With
Constant Coefficients
3.2 Method of Variation of parameters
Chapter 4 Partial Differential Equations
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Formation of Partial Differential Equations
4.3 Elimination of Arbitrary Constants
4.4 Elimination of Arbitrary Functions
4.5 Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
4.6 Procedure To Find General Solution
4.7 Procedure To Find Singular Solution
4.8 Complete Solutions Of First Order Non-Linear P.D.E.S.
4.9 Equations Reducible To Standard Types — Transformations
4.10 General Solutions Of Partial Differential Equations
4.11 Lagrange’s Linear Equation
4.12 Solution of the Simultaneous
Chapter 5 Laplace Transforms
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Linearity Property of Laplace and Inverse
Laplace Transforms
5.3 Laplace Transforms of Some Elementary  Functions
5.4 Laplace Transforms of Some Special   Functions
5.5 Properties of Laplace Transforms
5.6 Laplace Transform Of Periodic Functions
5.7 Derivatives and Integrals of Transforms
5.8 Laplace Transforms of Derivatives and Integrals
5.9 Initial And Final Value Theorems
5.10 The Convolution
5.11 Solution of Differential and Integral Equations

About The Author

T. Veerarajan is Dean (Retd.), Department of Mathematics, Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. A Gold Medalist from Madras University, he has had a brilliant academic career all through. He has 50 years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in various established engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu including Anna University, Chennai.


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