Design of Steel Structures


Author: Dr S Geetha

ISBN Print Book: 9788195268733

Copy Right Year: 2024

Pages: 368

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Yes Dee Publishing

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The objective of this book is to impart the required knowledge to undergraduate students with respect to the design concepts for various steel structural members. Limit State Design as recommended by IS 800 : 2007 has been adopted in this text. This book will give an overview of the limit state design concepts, codal aspects, and design procedures for the structural members.

The fundamental concepts are explained very clearly with emphasis on codal provision. Tables and clause from the code books are given in the respective topics for ready reference. Design procedure is explained in steps for all the structural members. Behaviour of the members and failure modes are explained with diagrams and worked out example problems for all the possible variations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Basis of Structural Design

1.2 Steel as a Structural Material

1.2.1 Chemical Composition of Steel

1.2.2 Types of Structural Steel

1.2.3 Properties of Structural Steel

1.3 Stress-strain Curve for Mild Steel

1.4 Structural Steel Products

1.5 Design Philosophies

1.6 Limit States Design

1.7 Loads on Structures


Chapter 2 Connections

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Bolt Connection

2.2.1 Types of Bolted Joints

2.2.2 Failures of a Bolted Joint

2.2.3 Design of Ordinary Black Bolts

Solved Problems (2.1 to 2.20)

2.3 Welded Connections

Solved Problems (2.21 to 2.32)

2.4 Eccentric Connection

Solved Problems (2.34 to 2.35)

2.5 Riveted Joint

Solved Problems (2.36 to 2.37)


Chapter 3 Tension Members

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Criteria for Designing Bolted Joints with Axially Loaded


3.3 High Strength Friction Grip Bolts

3.4 Net Area of Cross Section

3.5 Effect of Shear Lag

3.6 Design of a Tension Member

3.7 Lug Angles

Solved Problems (3.1 to 3.24)


Chapter 4 Compression Members

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Possible Failure Modes

4.3 Elastic Buckling of Slender Compression Members

Solved Problems (4.1 to 4.11)


Chapter 5 Beams

5.1 Introduction

Solved Problems (5.1 to 5.5)

5.2 Plate Girder

Solved Problems (5.6 to 5.8)

5.3 Beam-Columns

Solved Problem (5.9)


Chapter 6 Roof Trusses and Industrial Structures

6.1 Introduction

Solved Problems (6.1 to 6.6)

6.2 Gantry Girders

6.3 Design Procedure

Solved Problem (6.7)

Appendix A Sample Question Papers

About the Author

Dr. S. Geetha is Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai. She has done her Ph.D and Post Doctoral Fellowship from IIT Madras. She has specialized in Structural Engineering and has 23 years of teaching experience and 10 years of research experience in Sustainable Construction Materials. She has published 37 research papers in refereed international journals with high impact factor.

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