Design and Analysis of Randomized Algorithms Introduction to Design Paradigms


Author: Juraj Hromkovic

ISBN: 9788132231592

Copy Right Year:  2005

Pages:  290

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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Randomness is a powerful phenomenon that can be harnessed to solve various problems in all areas of computer science, particularly in communication, cryptography, data management, and discrete optimization. Randomized algorithms are often more efficient, simpler and, surprisingly, also more reliable than their deterministic counterparts. There exist computing tasks that requires billions of years of computer work when solved using the fastest known deterministic algorithms, but they can be solved using randomized algorithms in a few minutes with negligible error probabilities.

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Table of Content



Foiling the Adversary


Success Amplification and Random Sampling

Abundance of Witnesses

Optimization and Random Rounding

Fundamentals of Mathematics




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