Database Development and Management


Author: Lee Chao

ISBN: 9780849333187

Copy Right Year:  2006

Pages:  638

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis

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Database Development and Management explains all aspects of database design, access, implementation, application development, and management, as well as data analysis for business intelligence. This self-contained text gives students hands-on projects required for professionally developing and managing databases. It provides detailed instruction via an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, case-based approach.

Demonstrates the use of such software tools such as Microsoft Visio, SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio. NET, and Microsoft Office to develop a fully functioning database processing system

Demonstrates the development of integrated databases via case studies with step-by-step instructions

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Table of Content

Introduction to Database Systems

Conceptual Design and Data Modeling

Table Structure and Normalization

Transforming Data Models to Relational Databases

Physical Design and Database Implementation with SQL

Querying Databases

SQL Procedures

Database views, Indexes, and Cursors

Accessing Data

Database Application Development

Network Databases

Database Administration

Data Analysis Services

Data Mining


Appendix A: Sample Database

Appendix B: Installation of SQL Server

Appendix C: Suggested Resources



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