Computer Networks and Systems Queueing Theory and Performance Evaluation 3e


Author: Thomas G. Robertazzi

ISBN: 9788181285218

Copy Right Year:  2000

Pages:  424

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Springer

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This text, intended for a first course in performance evaluation, provides a self- contained treatment of all aspects of queueing theory. It starts by introducing readers to the terminology and usefulness of queueing theory and continues by considering Markovian queues in equilibrium, Little’s Law, reversibility, transient analysis and computation, and the M/G/1 queueing systems. Subsequent chapters treat the theory of networks of queues and computational algorithms for networks of queues. Stochastic Petri networks, including those whose solutions can be given in product form, are covered in detail. A chapter on discrete-time queueing systems, which are of recent interest, discusses arrival processes, Geom/Geom/m queueing models, and case studies of discrete-time queueing networks arising in industrial applications.

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Table of Content

The Queueing Paradigm

Single Queueing Systems

Networks of Queues

Numerical Solution of Models

Stochastic Petri Nets

Discrete Time Queueing Systems

Network Traffic Modeling

Appendix: Probability Theory Review



About The Author

Thomas G. Robertazzi research interests involve the performance evaluation of computer and communication systems as well as network planning. He maintains a very active research program and supervises several Ph.D., students. He has published extensively in the areas of parallel processor scheduling, ATM switching, queueing networks, Petri networks and multi-hop radio networks.


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