Chemistry XII – Volume One


Saiveera Academy

ISBN: 9789391549886

Copyright Year: 2023

Pages: 200 pp

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Yes Dee Publishing

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This CENTUM guide fulfils the needs of teachers and Students of Class 12. This guide from Saiveera Academy has been developed based on its experience of teaching Class XII students over the past many years. We are confident that this guide will enable the students to score more marks in the Public and School Examinations. All the best for your Examinations.


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Table of Contents

Unit  1             Metallurgy

Unit  2             p – Block Elements-I

Unit  3             p – Block Elements-II

Unit  4             Transition and Inner Transition Elements

Unit  5             Coordination Compounds

Unit  6             Solid State

Unit  7             Chemical Kinetics

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