Automotive Engineering Manual Transmissions & Transaxles (Classroom & Shop Manual)


Author: Jack Erjavec

ISBN: 9788131513019

Copy Right Year:  2006

Pages:  460,276

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Cengage

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The text includes the latest developments. Some of these topics include dual clutch systems, various limited-slip differential designs, six-speed transmissions, constantly variable transmissions, and self-shifting manual transmissions. We also added information in all chapters; see particularly Chapter 10, which covers basic electrical and electronic theory and the various applications for switches, speed sensors, solenoids, electromagnetic clutches, and electronic circuits.

Along with the Classroom Manual, the Shop Manual matches current trends. Service information related to the new topics covered in the Classroom Manual is included in this manual. In addition, several photo sequences were added. The purpose of these detailed photos is to show students what to expect when they perform the same procedure. They also can provide a student with familiarity of a system or type of equipment they may not be able to perform at their school

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Table of Content

Table of Content for Classroom Manual

Manual Drive Trains and Axles

Drivetrain Theory


Manual Transmissions/Transaxles

Font Drive Axles

Drive Shafts and Universal Joints

Differentials and Drive Axles

Four-Wheel-Drive Systems

Advanced Four-Wheel-Drive Systems

Drivetrain Electrical and Electronic Systems



Table of Content for Shop Manual


Special Tools and Procedures

Servicing Clutches

Servicing Transmissions/Transaxles

Servicing Font Drive Axles

Servicing Drive Shafts and Universal Joints

Servicing Differentials and Drive Axles

Servicing Four-Wheel-Drive Systems

Diagnosing 4WD and AWD Control Systems

Servicing Drivetrain Electrical Systems




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