Automotive Engineering Engine Repair & Rebuilding (classroom & shop Manual)


Author: Christopher Hadfield

ISBN: 9788131513057

Copy Right Year:  2010

Pages:  304,668

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Cengage

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The Classroom Manual for this edition includes a new chapter on the engine repair and rebuilding industry, all new content on hybrid electric vehicles and alternative fuel-related issues, an updated list of FFVs, and material on VVT systems. Coverage on the basics of engine operation is also provided, as well as a new Engine Specification Chart included in Appendix B.

This edition of Shop Manual provides all the content on basic testing, initial inspection, and service writing. Information on scan tool usage has been expanded, along with content on diagnostic strategies from real-world scenarios, as experienced by working technicians. Review questions for the chapters are designed to assess student’s chapter comprehension and prepare them for future certification testing.

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Table of Content

Table of Content for Classroom Manual

Automotive Engines

Theory of Engine Operation

Engine Repair and Rebuilding Industry

Engine Operating Systems

Engine Materials, Fasteners, Gaskets, and Seals

Intake and Exhaust Systems

Factors Affecting Engine Performance

Engine Configurations, Mounts, and Remanufactured Engines

Cylinder Heads

Camshafts and Valvetrains

Timing Mechanisms

Engine Block Construction

Pistons, Rings, Connecting Roads, and Bearings

Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles


Table of Content for Shop Manual

Safety and Shop Practices

Basic Testing, Initial Inspection, and Service Writing

Engine Rebuilding Tools and Skills

Diagnosing and Servicing Engine Operating Systems

Repair and Replacement of Engine Fasteners, Gaskets, and Seals

Intake and Exhaust System Diagnosis and Service

Diagnosing Engine Performance Concerns

Engine Removal, Engine Swap, and Engine Installation

Cylinder Head Disassembly, Inspection, and Service

Valvetrain Service

Timing Mechanism Service

Inspecting, Disassembling, and Servicing the Cylinder Block Assembly

Short Block Component Service and Engine Assembly

Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicle Service

Appendix A

Appendix B



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