Automotive Engineering Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles (Classroom & Shop Manual )


Author: Jack Erjavec

ISBN: 9788131513002

Copy Right Year:  2007

Pages:  500,380

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Cengage

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The text was updated throughout to include the latest developments. Some these new topics include the various transmission design  used (or planned to be used) in hybrid vehicles, the Lepelletier gear setup, power split units, and various constantly variable transmission design. There is also more information on current electronic control system, including the various protocols used for multiplexing.

Along with the Classroom Manual, the Shop Manual was updated to match current trends. Service information related to the new topics covered in the Classroom Manual is included in this manual. In addition, several new photo sequences were added. The purpose of these detailed photos is to show students what to expect when they perform a given procedure. They also can familiarize the student with systems or types of equipment they may not be able to work on at their school.

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Table of Content

Table of Content for Classroom Manual

Drivetrain Basics

Drivetrain Theory

General Theories of Operations

Electronic Controls

Transmission Design

Torque Converters and Pumps

Hydraulic Circuits and Controls

Reaction and Friction Units

Gears and Shafts

Common Automatic Transmissions



Table of Content for Shop Manual


Special Tools and Procedures

Diagnosis, Maintenance, and Basic Adjustments

Electrical and Electronic System Diagnosis and Service

Rebuilding Transmissions and Transaxles

Torque Converter and Oil Pump Service

General Hydraulic System Service

Gear and Shaft Service

Friction and Reaction Unit Service

Rebuilding Common Transmissions



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