Analysis of Composite Structures


Author: Christian Decolon

ISBN: 9789380931463

Copy Right Year:  1988

Pages:  352

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Elseiver

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The principal aim of this book is to provide the basis of calculations concerned with composite structures. Using continuum mechanics to facilitate the treatment of more elaborate theories. This theoretical treatment deals with individual layers in laminated composites, both of anisotropic and orthotropic materials. Including the basic laws that govern mixtures. Multi-layer plates are then considered. Followed by a description of beam behaviour under tension-compression loading. Sheat deformation and bending. Vibration and buckling.

Advanced students and practitioners involved in Mechanics, Mechanical structures and systems and with a particular interest in composite structures will and this book useful.


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Table of Content

Part I: Mechanical Behaviour of Composite Materials: Constitutive Relations of Anisotropic

Materials in Linear Elasticity

Orthotropic Layer Behaviour

Elastic Constants of a Unidirectional Composite – Failure Criteria

Part II: Multi-Layer Plates: Multi-Layer Kirchhoff-Love Thin Plates

Symmetrical Orthotropic Kirchhoff-Love Plates

Thermo-Elastic Behaviour of Composites

Symmetric Orthotropic Reissner-Mindlin Plates

Asymmetrical Multi-Layer Kirchhoff-Love Plates

Cylindrical Flexure of Multi-Layer Kirchhoff-Love Plates

Cylindrical Flexure of Multi-Layer Reissner-Mindlin Plates

Part III: Multi-Layer Beams: Symmetrical Multi-Layer Beams in Tension-Compression

Symmetrical Multi-Layer Beams in Flexure without Transverse Shear Strain

Symmetrical Multi-Layer Beams in Flexure with Transverse Shear Strain

Appendices: Global Plate Equations: Global Plate Equations Neglecting Large Transverse Displacement

Global Plate Equations for Large Transverse Displacements

Global Plane Equations

Kirchhoff-Love Theory of Variational Formulation

Global Plate Equations: Reissner-Mindlin Theory Variational Formulation




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