An Introduction to Electrical Machines and Transformers, 2nd Edition


Authors: George McPherson, Robert D. Laramore

ISBN: 9788126548347

Copy Right Year:  1990

Pages:  588

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher:  Wiley

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The book has several features designed to conserve class time. First, the figures and text material are quite detailed, and I have attempted to answer questions as they might arise in the mind of the reader. Thus the lecture may be used to confirm what the student has learned, rather than to break new ground. The so-called energy conversion approach to torque has been abandoned because it requires much class time in developing concepts of use primarily to the designer. Instead, torque is taught qualitatively on the basis of conservation of power in the steady state. Finally, each device is discussed in terms of magnetic fields first, voltages second. This sequence makes it unnecessary to back track in order to explain the origin of the flux that generated the voltage.

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Table of Content

What Machines and Transformers have in common

Synchronous Machines


Induction, or Asynchronous, Machines

Direct-Current Machines

Single-Phase Machines

Machines for Special Jobs

Forces and Torques in Electromagnetic Systems

Appendix A: A Review of Magnetic Circuits

Appendix B: Balanced Three-Phase Circuits

Appendix C: Salient-pole Theory of Synchronous Machines

Appendix D: A Short Bibliography

Glossary of Symbols


About The Author

Professor McPherson is a member of Sigma Xi and is a recipient of the University of Missouri’s Thomas Jefferson Award. In 1984 he was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Martha Layne Collins. He has been elected a Fellow of IEEE and has received the Education Award of the St. Louis section of that organization. The small Motor Manufacturers Association gave him their 1989 Hall of Fame Award. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Ohio.


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